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Driving in Bulgaria


To drive in Bulgaria you have to be at least 18 years old and to have a valid driving licence. Remember always carry your drivers license with you when you drive.

Roads in Bulgaria are bumpy and sometimes hard to drive, when we talk about the countryside. So drive slowly and carefully. In and around the bigger towns and cities roads are better and faster. Be careful on the motorways too some of them are currently partially in repairs.

In cities speed limit is 50km/h, outside city limits 90km/h. On the high way 130km/h are allowed.

Be careful where you park your car in cities you could not only be fined but your car could be taken away, which will cost you stress and money!

Traffic police
If a representative of the traffic police stops you, do not get out of the car and wait for the policeman to approach. You could be asked to present the vehicles documentation which consists in registration card, technical support card and third party liability policy.

For violating speed restrictions you will be fined between 20 and 150 leva, which you could be asked to pay when leaving the country, at the customs.

Remember fasten your seat belts it saves lives and its the law. Otherwise you could pay a fine of 40 leva. .

Petrol stations
OMV, Shell, Petrol and LUK Oil are the biggest petrol station chains in Bulgaria.
Most petrol stations require customers to pay at the cashier desk.
Self service is not very popular. Normally you should leave some tip directly to the personnel.

You should always check the emergency equipment of your car because there are some things required by law: emergency medical box, fire extinguisher, triangle, spare tyre with rim, jack screw and lug wrench.

Emergency telephone numbers
There are some telephone numbers you might need in case an accident occurs:

150 First aid
160 Fire Department
166 Closest police department

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

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