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About Bulgaria

Situated in southeastern Europe, Bulgaria occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. To the North, via the Danube River, it borders on Romania, to the West on Serbia and Montenegro and on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. To the South its neighbours are Greece and Turkey. To the East Bulgaria touches the Black Sea, which links it also to Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. The Black Sea borderline is 378 km (240 miles) long. The countrys total territory is 111 000 sq. km (43 000 sq. miles).

UNESCO World Heritage
UNESCO World Heritage Cultural
* Ancient City of Nessebar (1983)
Situated on a rocky peninsula on the Black Sea, the more than 3,000-year-old site of Nessebar was originally a Thracian settlement (Menebria). At the beginning of the 6th century B.C., the city became a Greek colony. The city's remains, which ... read more

Bulgaria possesses a variety of natural forms, located in the range of altitude from 0 to 2,925 m. Its territory includes part of the lower Danube Plain, The Balkan Range part of the Alpine-and-Himalayan chain, part of the Thracian lowland and to the south the mountain structures of the ... read more

The predominant climate in Bulgaria is moderate and transitional continental. (2,000 to 2,400 hours of sunlight per year). Four seasons. Dry and hot summer. Average temperature (April - September): + 23 C. Cold winter with snowfalls, average temperature: 0 C. The average yearly temperature is ... read more

Bulgaria has many regions which have preserved in their natural state unique natural nooks, preserving a remarkable bio-diversity. Contemporary natural vegetation demonstrates considerable ecological diversity. 12,360 species have been found in its composition, of which 3,700 are higher plants. The ... read more

Bulgarias fauna numbers some 13,000 species, which is 14% of the total number of registered animal species in Europe. Rare mammal species are to be found in this country. Pelicans, stags, deer, does, wild goats, quails, pheasants etc. inhabit reserves and hunting grounds. read more

National Parks
A network of 3 national parks Rila, Pirin, and the Central Balkan - has been set up (with a total area of 221,252.2 hectares), 9 natural parks (over 180,000 hectares), reserves, as well as 2,234 protected territories and natural landmarks. Two of them (Pirin National Park and Sreburna biosphere ... read more

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